Materials Sourcing

Here is a view of my materials sourcing, I curated some of my unique cabochons showing unusual patterning and interesting colors. As an artist I’m highly inspired by the patterns I see. I also look at each cabochons/crystals/stones as a piece of art themselves, like a painting. Nature is a great artist, and some stones may even show amazing sceneries such as rolling hills, underwater-like scenes and tree-like inclusions.

Materials Sourced for uniqueness, in pattern, in colors, in textures….


Here is an example of one of my favorite material which forms flame-like patterns or sometimes may appear as swirls or orbs-like-star:

Fiery. Earth’s Artwork, the fire to manifest. Passion.



The Mind of the Artist: Action that Fills my Soul

What is it that makes you tick? It’s the big question, lying down at night or even when doing the dishes. What makes your soul sing with high-rise vibration–that you effect those around you. We’re in a world where we are no longer needed to just function and think with our heads below the sand. Where is humanity heading after the long years of not following our intuitive hits? And, where will we be if we did follow our gut feelings, our solar plexus, instead of following our so-called intellect and urges of the emotional heart? They say Heart is deceitful above all things, so we must combine both reasoning and our intuitive hits to get to where we need to be.

Long after you’ve married, or had a kid, you still ponder about that urge to do the thing that you love and that thing you’ve been wanting to do all your life: maybe it’s traveling, or writing, or maybe making art or teaching. Whatever it is, I do hope you ponder about it again because somewhere in that, hidden or not, is contained a gift to the world. A gift of Love and happiness, and it’s time now to let the hungry world receive what you have to give. Maybe it’s a bit of yourself in that piece of art, maybe in your travels you educate and show others of the wonders of your travels, maybe you travel to obtain the gifts you would re-give to others, or maybe you travel because you want to see the world as a bigger place. And that’s totally fine, as you are giving the world your wonderful energy of joy and you gain wisdom from your travels.

Often times, we wait. We wait until next week, maybe next month….or next year, or maybe once the children grow up. Because we think we have time, and as Buddha says it:

“The trouble is, you think you have time”

You never know what’s in store for you tomorrow, so why not live your best today? I’m not saying to go out and party, be promiscuous and eat all the junk, cause that’s not what Buddha is saying either. That’s living through your lower chakra urges, living to fill your body with all your humanly desire when that will never fill your soul. Do something that fills your soul, something born out of Love, and you will find that your body will be filled with beneficial energies and the nourishment it so needs. Try to love a little more today, put it in action and be kinder today. Try to be a little healthier today. Meditate more. Love yourself more today. I personally want to give you a challenge to do something for yourself in a 30 day period and continue to do it, make it a habit. Making something a habit is building your character, and  a whole lot can  come from loving yourself a little more: you just start to love yourself a whole lot. Definitely not in a narcissistic way but in respect to your body, mind, and Spirit.

I know I am ready, that is why I am making changes, small changes that would someday amount to where I will be next. It does not matter who will be with me, or where I will be: I just know that it will be an amazing place, full of beneficial energy, people and things at the right time. It’s law of attraction at it’s best. The more you do things you love the more you gain confidence in pursuing it; you start to attract the right people, the right place, the right time for things to happen. As if by magic, but it isn’t. YOU made it happen, your head made it happen. In my case, I’m making mine happen, my dreams, and putting my love into action and putting out gift out to the world. I love to create art and to educate, although I am not a teacher we can all learn from each other and help build each other, and in my case, I believe I have something to give back to benefit the whole of humanity.  Before we can move a mountain, we must take the first step–grab the first handful of sand.

I always remind myself, “You’ve done good. You’ve done great.”, despite the looks and thoughts that go otherwise towards me. And I’m giving you a virtual pat on the back as well. I know I am capable and You are capable of achieving great things, just remember things don’t happen overnight. I was not confident in writing, nor making things as they are and letting the world see it just as it is. Initially I found the rawness repulsive, embarrassing and unacceptable to society as it lacks perfection and does not go with the trend. But as I went inwards, a personal journey battling my own demons, I saw myself perfectly fine. I saw the causes that built the effects in my life. I saw where I need to improve upon while in deep contemplation of  myself. It was like finding myself again and picking up where I left off. I started to build my confidence, and that strikes me interesting and at first, scary. But now, I saw it as a necessity and something that I actually enjoyed. I was and still am learning to honor myself: my body, my mind and my Spirit–whether that’s giving my body nourishing foods or doing yoga exercises. Maybe it’s more meditation or positive affirmations, maybe it’s doing EFT to improve my confidence and rewire my brains, and to others that may sound crazy. But hey, it works. And gosh, I’m finally losing weight through EFT! HAH! Talk about energy you can’t see. Seriously, find what works for you and let your passion burn. Like burn, baby burn.

In your dreams of maybe travelling to Paris, you might first travel small distances from your home, make yourself comfortable of traveling. Note the things you’d want to do, what you’d want to achieve, what difference will doing this or that bring? And don’t forget your big Why? Note all of that, and maybe do a collage of all those, plus images of the places you would want to travel to and small steps you can take towards that. It keeps the energy alive, and so you are not just dreaming about your destination but working towards a goal–and that becomes as real as it can be. Keep planning, and thinking of ways to make it possible. Get creative.

In those small steps are investments, investments in myself and yourself. Investments towards you achieving a lifelong dream. The little things do add up, and to an outsider it may look like you’re doing little, if not, it may look to them as if you are doing nothing at all. And don’t take that personally, each journey we have is our own and no one, absolutely NO ONE can walk our own paths, and some people don’t acknowledge that and don’t respect that. That’s fine, no need to react but know that you hold reasoning and choice to pave your way to your dreams. I believe God has given us all the right tools, the right people, the right place, the right time and circumstances to make things happen. Some may not look favorable at all,  but we’ve got to find the hidden gem and the lesson it’s trying to teach us, so we can learn and move forward.

Let me tell you it’s not always easy, but it’s finding joy in that task that you must do in order to grow, and having the foresight on letting go of task/things that are no longer serving you well, to be about your purpose. And the foresight to take risk: risk that is balanced and calculated, risk that is well-reasoned and pushed by your gut instincts. In difficult times, it’s finding the lesson and learning to endure and have the strength and courage to go to the end. And that’s a beautiful thing, to continue to work on yourself.

Behind the Name: May’s Alchemy

In the olden days Alchemy was synonymous with jewelry making. It was a pursuit to gain the knowledge of turning base metals into gold. It was also a forerunner of the the vast symbols and knowledge we have of chemistry now. It was the beginning of modern day chemistry. Alchemy in general means the transformation of matter.

Coincidentally my instructor also often talked about the story of alchemy in jewelry, the people experimented to try to turn metals like lead into gold, they also experimented to gain the knowledge of immortality (can be symbolic of awakening/enlightenment)

I thought that all these was perfect for myself, who seeks enlightenment through myself and my work. And I dabble in all things related to art-making, this can be said as a personal transformation and matter transformation. It’s just perfect being May’s Alchemy. My personal alchemy.